Call for December Edition

The Naughty List

Lust. Gluttony. Greed. Sloth. Wrath. Envy. Pride. We’ve all been tempted and succumbed to our dark side; even Jesus flipped a few tables. We are looking for fiendishly wicked, never before published, written and visual work that arouses our mental imp and leave us feeling just a little mischievous.

Guidelines for Submission:

  1. Thou shalt submit for the December online publication of Ayris between July 1 and August 1
  2. Thou shalt limit yourself to one (1) piece of prose (up to 1,000 words), two (2) visual pieces of art ( high resolution), or three (3) poems.
  3. Thou shalt stick to the thee and refrain form submitting matieral that is genre or pornographic in nature.

Ayris pays contributors with publication (what did you expect, you devil!).  Submit HERE.


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