Gail Comorat

Love Song

Some mornings I wake to find you
leaning over me, watching me

with a scientist’s intensity
as if I am a specimen of water 

no longer wet. We study each other 
like photographers measuring light. 

It is in darkness that we speak truths. 
We wonder if we’re crazy, if it’s bad 

to still love ourselves after all these years.
Our parents’ DNA and damaged cells

inhabit our backbones, each of us 
already displaying our own patterns 

of infidelity. We take turns 
wearing the strait jacket, fake-smile

as we buckle and unbuckle our arms 
around hollow abdomens. Our hourglass 

of sand is trickling through 
the thin waist of time. 

Give me a bright grain of hope. 
Promise me redemption. 

Sing my praises. 
Perhaps I’ll sing yours.

Gail Braune Comorat, a founding member of Rehoboth Beach Writers’ Guild, has been published in Grist, Adanna, Gargoyle, and various anthologies. She received a 2011 fellowship from the Delaware Division of the Arts as an emerging writer in poetry, and was the winner of the 2012 Artsmith Literary Award for her poem “Summer of Ladybugs.”


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