Martin Willitts, Jr.

Lifting Out of Ourselves


We all have a fervent wish 
to lift out of our bones into a sublime sky
shedding skin 

deepness is impenetrable

within the split of milliseconds, 
within sunken silence,
emptying the bowl of itself. 


There is a lifeline map in our palms,
disturbance of belief beyond singular breath, 
in which everything snaps into place, 
opens its segments to reveal 
a shining, intangible formula 
of augmented light.

Nature is impartial. There is no judgment, 
no finger-pointing, no forbidding, 
no condensation of breath into tropical birds, 
no revision of light. Only the return — the giving 
endlessly of love — branches 
of elevated love in absolved light.


This rugged land, rubbed smooth 
by a carpenter’s plane, sandpaper fine —
solitudes of cold streams 
find memory: 
lopsided furrows of plowed ages, 
daybreak-ecstasy of dew. 

To some, this is more than enough 
to break a heart into twigs. 


Changeable weather
just beyond awakening, untangling. 
Gravity has lost its hold. 


the nimblest, smallest thing,
a careful, invisible hand, 
feathers of rain — stillness passing, 
leaving things behind.

Martin Willitts Jr.’s forthcoming poetry books include Waiting For The Day To Open Its Wings (UNBOUND Content), Art Is the Impression of an Artist (Edgar and Lenore’s Publishing House), City Of Tents (Crisis Chronicles Press), Swimming In the Ladle of Stars (Kattywompus Press), and he is the winner of the inaugural Wild Earth Poetry Contest for his full length collection Searching For What Is Not There (Hiraeth Press, 2013).


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