Christina Montana


When we try to pick something up by itself,
we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.
                                                             ~John Muir

Everyone remains
forever hitched on spools
of past occurrences:
uninsured car crash worth 
two bumbling lawyers and
a life’s worth of saving,
but the crash stopped traffic
and each expanding bit
of universe, layers
all whip-stitched, spiral-bound 
until the thread is tugged
and unraveled, spinning
into frayed gossame
leads one to another.
I am a single rung
on a cluttered ladder
stitched beneath atoms and
stubbed toes; angry people
wanting to buy the new
toy on a tech store shelf,
a little girl dropping 
ice cream on the concrete,
I am the cop whose task
was to salvage three charred
bodies from a dead home 
of three (dog included).
Unraveled cop car crash:
the family man heads home,
now poor, his daughter’s dreams
poured into a lawyer
who failed to win the case,  
and sets fire to slumber.
The cop, whose lawyer won,
arrives at the scene and 
absorbs the shorn ravels
of interwoven fates.

Christina Montana  is currently a fourth year student at the University of Florida. She is studying English with a focus in creative writing, as well as obtaining a minor in anthropology. Predominantly a novelist and short fiction writer, this is her first poetry publication.