John Muth

Mannequin Girl

My girlfriend is a nihilist
recently released
lithe and wooden
pale like influenza,
a doomsday mannequin 
with vacant eyes.

She likes strange
displays of affection
serves me almond-scented 
strawberry tarts for breakfast
wants to teach me
how to clean a loaded gun.

Her social worker 
calls me every week
suggests I move away
and change my name
but it’s hard to find a woman
at my age
plus, she doesn’t talk that much
and never has a problem being naked.

John Muth was born and raised in central New Jersey. He is an academic advisor at Rutgers University. His inspiration comes from many areas, but the frustrations and absurdities that result from the relationships between people and between people and machines are among his favorite topics. Some of his poems have appeared in The Stray Branch, Asinine Poetry, and Drown In My Own Fears.